Join me on a journey of grim self-discovery.

Kitsch Doom works between performance, video, photography, sculpture and printmaking. Their work is informed by themes on identity, the body, and social expectations. Enlightened by theories on gender, sociology and post-humanism, Kitsch transforms themselves and volunteers into fictional characters. These characters are derived from a place that is deeply personal from themselves and the volunteers involved. Kitsch creates narratives for these characters based on reality as well as fiction.

The characters occupy a world where traditional roles and ideas still linger yet they dream of moving on from them and sometimes try to. This fictional world acts as a reflection of the one we are living and experiencing right now. A world where fiction and reality hold the same merit. The work occupies a space that lies in-between performance and theatre, sexuality and gender and the social body and individual freedom.


Kitsch Doom is an award winning visual artist and filmmaker based in Dublin, Ireland. With a background in fine art printmaking, performance, photography and video Kitsch combines elements of fine art and media. Kitsch graduated with a first class honours in BA Fine Art and Visual Culture in 2019 and is currently pursuing their MFA in Fine Art Media at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

Kitsch has recently won 4 awards for Best Experimental Film in New York Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Awards, Festigious Los Angeles and FilmCon for their recent video performance The Clothes Wear You (2020). Kitsch has exhibited work both nationally and internationally and is represented by Stoney Road Press. Notable exhibitions include #ICPConcerned at the International Centre of Photography New York City, Ink Miami, London Original Print Fair, The RHA 190th Annual Exhibition and Galway International Arts Festival where they were awarded with the NUI Galway Purchase Prize. Kitsch’s work has been collected by NUI Galway, The United Arts Club and other private collections.