Everyone loves
Suzie Q

Suzie is an old Hollywood actress. Her makeup, hair and outfit are consistently perfect. She is sweet, friendly and very flirtatious. She is also polite, has a pleasant demeanour and always has a smile on her face. Suzie is all about girl power and feminism so she likes to think of herself as a role model. She loves to inspire girls to follow their dreams.

However, Suzie has a dark secret amidst her perfect Hollywood story. She is in a neverending battle with alter ego Kitsch Doom to take over the shared body they inhabit.


Kitsch Doom
“Once you ruin your reputation, you can live quite freely”

Kitsch Doom is an independent, unpredictable, opinionated character with a short temper and serious identity issues. Not feeling comfortable with one identity alone and rejecting labels and social constructs such as gender roles and humanist ideals, Kitsch is a character in a constant state of flux.

Kitsch is in a never-ending battle with alter ego Suzie Q to take over the shared body they inhabit.


Ms. Meryl Daze.

Meryl is married to Belt Man. She is a strong character with a diva attitude! But she is very loyal and has a big heart. She loves her hubby Belt Man and cares for her family dearly but she secretly dreams of the past and has hopes of becoming a star one day.

Meryl’s debut was in my recent film The Clothes Wear You (2020) which has won 4 awards for Best Experimental Film at New York Film Awards, LA Films Awards, Festigious Los Angeles and FilmCon. It will also be screened as part of New Filmmakers New York at the Anthology Film Archives New York City.


Belt Man

Belt Man is shy, secretive, mysterious character and a hopeless romantic. He is a silent character and never speaks, however he has only on a few very rare occasions when absolutely necessary. Many have tried to analyse him and his mysterious dark past but with no success

Belt Man loves his wife and kids and always takes out the trash on time. Who is Belt Man?



Loring is the alter ego of Lorraine, who is Meryl Daze and Belt Man’s daughter.

Lorraine by day is a 16 year old girl in a strict Catholic school. By night they are Loring, the fearless non-binary superhero.



Introducing Junior the inflatable cyborg hunk. Junior is 19 years old. He’s Loring’s older brother and Belt Man and Meryl’s son. Junior is super intelligent, philosophical and hacks computers for fun. He gets bored easily and doesn’t have much time for people because he’s too busy being an all around badass. He finds his younger sister Loring and parents super annoying so you can find Junior up in his room most of the time. He’s usually hacking or coding something or obsessing over his human girlfriend who he’s in an open relationship with. Because Junior is named after his father and looks like a clone of him too, he lives under the shadow and expectations of him.

But what nobody knows is that Junior is not at all what he appears to be. He is somuch more.

Coming soon.

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